Digital transformation of the healthcare sector in Jordan


Enriching healthcare through knowledge


Building local capacity through qualified medical and technical staff


Transforming healthcare by leveraging data


Under the patronage of His Majesty King Abdullah II bin Al Hussein, Electronic Health Solutions (EHS) was founded in 2008 to advance the healthcare sector in Jordan. 

EHS is an innovative technology-driven company that effectively provides automated solutions to achieve digital transformation and improve the quality and efficiency of the Jordanian public healthcare services. 

You can learn more about Electronic Health Solutions (EHS) from here.


EHS utilizes technology to advance the quality of healthcare services in Jordan’s health sector through four key programs:

The National Digital Health Transformation Program

EHS flagship program that aims to revolutionize and automate the healthcare sector around Jordan.

New horizon to enrich medical knowledge.

FREE online medical resources in Jordan for healthcare professionals and medical university students.

Empowerment through health informatics

The human capital development and educational arm of EHS that enforce the role of health informatics in Jordan.

Transforming Healthcare by Leveraging Data

Supporting and empowering decision-makers in the Jordanian healthcare sector by leveraging Data from Hakeem Database.

My Hakeem for patient empowerment
Yotta DB

Technology Partner



 EHS Organizes Blood Donation Campaign 2024

EHS Organizes Blood Donation Campaign 2024

انطلاق المرحلة الأولى من مسابقة أكاديمية حكيم في دورتها التاسعة

The first stage of the 9th Hakeem Academy Annual Competition (HAAC)

الخدمات الطبية الملكية تطلق خدمة توصيل أدوية الأمراض المزمنة لمراجعي مستشفيات مدينة الحسين الطبية

"MyHakeem" mobile app has been launched at #healthcare facilities within the Jordanian Royal Medical

"Nowadays, and after applying Hakeem program, the medical care is more accurate and comprehensive, the thing that contributed in improving the healthcare services here in the Royal Medical Services in particular and in Jordan generally"

Major Duha Al Dalgamouni

Head of Digestive System and Chest Diseases Department – Royal Medical Services

"The ease of dealing with Hakeem program contributed in reducing paper-work gradually, and the avoidance of mistakes. The program also increased coordination between health facilities, where patients don’t have to bring their paper files from one hospital to another"

Major Dr. Mohammad Al-Quran

Kidney and Digestive System Diseases Specialist - Royal Medical Services

"Regular monitoring and follow up by Hakeem team has contributed in promoting the offered services to a very high level. They ensure a seamless functionality of the used system here in the Royal Medical Services"

Lieutenant Colonel Diana Al Blouh

First Officer Medicine Supply - Royal Medical Services

"Since its implementation in the Royal Medical Services, Hakeem program accelerated the performance speed, helped in the follow-up of patient’s results, improved documentation, and alerts nurses and professionals when entering wrong information or medical mistakes"

Lieutenant Fayzeh Al Hamaydeh

Nurse at Digestive System and Chest Diseases Department – Royal Medical Services


ELM JEAHIL Publication

Electronic Library of Medicine, Jordan: experience in the digital transformation and managing COVID-19 crisis, 18th August

Electronic Health Records and Health Care in Jordan

Abstract presentation at the Fourth nursing day of Princess Salma Faculty of Nursing, Al Albayt University –Mafraq-Jordan, 9

Over the counter antibiotics? Effects on Escherichia Coli incidence and resistance in uncomplicated urinary tract infections in Jordan

Abstract and Poster Presentations by at the 31 Annual Congress of American Urological Association (AUA) held in San Diego